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Our Unpredictable Carolina Winter

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Well, it was a long week of meetings, doctor visits and furniture deliveries, but I survived it all. And I got to squeeze in 4 days of exercise. Woo hoo! I thought it wise to upload the R-rating advisory to the blog. That way I don’t have to listen to a bunch of complaining should I decide to cuss. Lately, I’ve been working on a wedding site for a friend of mine and about ten other sites. And just for fun I dug up and processed the following images.

The first image is of the mythological character Malfi relaxing in my living room. Malfi is like a spiritual guide (imagine the kind of life coach that Billy Bob Thorton would make.) The next one is spray paint art from part of the Chapel Hill trails that we go running on. I call it “Yuppie-friendly graffiti.” Next we’ve got the interestingly lit photo of Mark on New Year’s Eve. And lastly, a shot of the giant golden tree in my yard during the peak of its change last Fall.

I guess it is actually going to be cold now for a while. We were having these beautiful, warm and sunny days for weeks. Then we had a few days of rain and now onto the freezing stuff. At least Alan should be happy. He loves this cold BS. A bunch of people pointed out to me that Borat from Kazakhstan (one of the characters from Da Ali G Show) is making headlines for his disturbing rendition of the National Anthem to a rodeo crowd in Roanoke, VA. From all reports, it sounds like he and the film crew barely escaped town with their lives. Season Two should have some great moments on it! Apparently, this story traveled pretty fast from local news of the weird to the Instant News Beat at Entertainment Weekly and People magazine. I’d bet Sasha is happy.

Oh, yeah – I also completely updated the Alva Dog photo gallery, so you should check it out and let me know what you think.

January 2005! Happy New Year!!

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Okay, so I had better post something quick or I could wind up the laughingstock of the 2005 Triangle Bloggers Conference. That’s right — I signed myself up for that event even though I haven’t really been “blogging” for almost a year. Now I did dog blog most of 2004. (You can check that out by clicking on the puppy picture above or certain specific underlined keywords. For example, dog blog). I guess raising the puppy consumed most of the time I had put aside for writing before then. Oh, well. Alva is a welcome addition to my home and is responsible for most of my exercise.

So what is urgent and vital right about now? Well, I don’t know why everyone around the world is not completely obsessed with Har Mar Superstar. (Many thanks to the lovely Gina Suarez for clueing me in!) This guy has more musical and performance talent than most people who presently work in the music industry. (Hello, lip synchers!) You should buy all of Har Mar’s records and then go rent Starsky & Hutch so you can watch him demolish Ben Stiller in the Disco-Off. Hot stuff, I assure you.

I guess the other totally fascinating thing in my life has been Ali G. I have seen the awesome movie, Ali G Indahouse, and just got finished with the Season 1 DVDs from his HBO show. I am currently looking for the British episodes of the show which came before the US version by a year or two. This is some really funny stuff and has expanded my knowledge of British Hip Hop Massiv vocabulary. Respect!

Well, hit me up with a line or two. Let me feel that good vibe. Straight from your booty bone and on up into your fingers. Booyakasha!