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The Long Tail of Winter 2005

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I’m hoping that my letters to god will pay off soon and make any last sign of Winter disappear, but until I hit that jackpot I will be satisfied collecting images that make me think Spring is right around the corner (yeah — I know about the calendar thing).

Futon Drowned in stream

This is the stream which runs behind my house and over to OWASA on Jones Ferry Road. I pass this outlet every time I walk to the J bus stop. There is always a wide variety of items cast into the creek, but this was the first time I saw parts for a bedframe. Some majorly disappointed futon customer was like “Fuck it! I’m drownin’ this mutha today.” I love this about my neighborhood.

Struggling maple in front of R.B. House Library     Wilson Library

On the left is the Japanese Maple that lives out in front of R.B. House Library on UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus. I had to do some work in Wilson Library on my first day back from being sick for over a week and this recovering red soldier was sharing my vibe. It looked as if we had both weathered a difficult winter and were both looking forward to Spring. At least that’s how I felt.
    (The other photo is Wilson Library, of course.)

10 Tons of Gravel Make You Feel Like a Man

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10 tons of gravel in the driveway     10 tons of gravel - Alva cameo

That’s right, G. Rock hard. Cold as stone. Ten tons of 3/4″ gravel up in your grill. Don’t even try to front.
    (Junkyard Alva makes her cameo in photo #2)

Yellow Blossoms at top of driveway

Oh yeah, and there were these pretty flowers blooming atop the driveway.