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This Has Simply Got To Stop

Posted: March 28th, 2005 | Author: | Filed under: eShopping, grousing | 5 Comments »

Just when I thought I had seen every crass manipulation of the original ribbon campaign idea, now they’ve gone too far. Die Hard Ribbons is now selling sports team-themed ribbons. Perhaps most insulting is these “support ribbons” seem to be for teams that no one has ever fucking heard of!!

At least show some respect and produce these awesome ribbons for REAL TEAMS like the Tarheels or the Tigers! Honestly, before I saw the Illinois (which is a state, right?) one, I thought it was a joke and somebody was making ribbons for gangs. Southside? Northside? What about West Coast Marauders? LBC Crew? These are freaking gang names. Let’s be honest. The Product? Bullshit. Execution? Poor. The whole genre of ribbons? Played out.

Guess it’s about time for the Terri Schiavo R.I.P. ribbons, eh? Anyone want to submit a design to cafepress?