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You Funny Little Man

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Man, I can’t believe it. 37.

Mitch Hedberg

I just don’t understand it. Mitch Hedberg worked hard at being one of the funniest people on this planet and he was successful. Very successful, as far as I could tell. Definitely one of my beacons of light along the dark path of the last decade. I guess I should consider myself lucky for having seen him perform in Raleigh (thanks to the ticket-getting prowess of the Lint Queen) and even getting to chat with him after the show. What a genuinely sweet, talented individual.

But instead I’m just pissed off with no target for my invective. I guess I should be mad at heroin for continually fucking up the lives of people I adore, but the problem is much more complex than that and I’m left with nothing but frustration. Yes — these are adults who are willfully choosing to mess with that garbage, but why? What is driving them to do so? Goddamn. FUCK!

Life is unfair. Don’t get hung up on what you ain’t got or what ain’t working out for you. Instead, figure out what you do best and what makes you happiest and do it for the rest of your life (a la Rushmore). Goodbye, Mitch. I’m very sorry to see you leave the stage so soon. I’ll never look at turkeys the same way ever again.

Extraordinary Machine

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Fine Fiona Apple

Thanks to Fiona Argentina for the image.