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Yes I Am Still Alive

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Hey everybody! Just a quick note to say “I’m not dead yet!”

I have been enveloped in house hunting and arranging to move out of my cozy neighborhood in Carrboro to the great wide open of Chatham County. I’ve decided to move back to my country roots. If I can’t get a decent Internet connection out there then I may have to start blogging via TCP/IP over carrier pigeon.

Recently, I was able to get some nice shots of Built to Spill at the Cat’s Cradle a few days ago and will post those once I have some free time.

Lots of love to all y’all out there in InternetLand.

So Crazy, Yet So Irresistible

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Sexy-assed Kelly Osbourne

Why do all the crazy ones always have to be so attractive? Oy. I haven’t a clue what Kelly Osbourne’s music sounds like and frankly I don’t care. If I had to extrapolate from the insane behavior she displayed on her family’s MTV circus act, I imagine that her songs would terrify me. Regardless, this picture is so hot I had to put it on the page for posterity. Or something.

McRorie Came To Rock You!

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Imagine if Axl Rose had some musical talent. Actually, imagine if Axl Rose had a lot of musical talent and could play all the instruments in his band by himself.

Then imagine that his songbook went well beyond November Rain and Sweet Child O’ Mine. Like, into the realm of rap, funk, country, oldies, and 70’s rock. It’s almost too much to imagine isn’t it?

With that picture in mind, I give you McRorie. This dude wails.

McRorie Here To Rock You!

To a large portion of folks who see this link/artist, it will be a joke. “Oh, look at that buffoon, totally out of style and out of touch. Aren’t we so much more interesting.” And I’ve got to admit, on first look, his act can be pretty funny. But the more time you spend with McRorie, the more you realize how much of a screaming success this guy is. Sure, he may be ignored by a portion of the NYC/LAX promoter crowd, but this guy gets out there on stage every night (okay, I don’t know that he performs every night) and rocks his soul and those of his audience members for hours.

McRorie covers musical territory unlike many artists I’ve heard of. He can cover rap hits like “In Da Club” and “Bust A Move.” His range spans Old School (“The Message”) and New School (“Hey Ya”). He knows old time rock and roll, like Elvis’ “All Shook Up” and can swing right into a Kylie Minogue pop hit. McRorie ain’t afraid to perform moving ballads like “Imagine” or “What A Wonderful World,” yet can rock you to St. Louis and back with tunes from Judas Priest, The Doors and KISS. He has also built up a repertoire of original classics.

So, basically we’re all sitting around tapping on keyboards and laughing while this guy is out there living his dream. He gets to schedule the gigs he wants, play the music he wants and have rad personal style. Try pulling that off with your elastic waistband pants and Treo 650. McRorie is amazing and I’d love to see him perform live someday.

For those about to rock, McRorie, we salute you.

I Am Kip Dynamite

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Okay! Time for another stupid web quiz slash movie review. Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you? Apparently, I am Kip Dynamite and I love technology.

I am Kip Dynamite!

Napoleon Dynamite has to be my favorite movie from 2004. If you haven’t seen it, then you should check out the Official website and perhaps the trailer at If you really want to mix and match and get this party started right, then you’ll want to check out the samplings of two (not one, but TWO!) Napoleon Dynamite soundboards! #1 & #2

For as much as I and others love this film, I have bumped into a large number of folks who didn’t. These people are the “Haters.” Now, there could be many reasons why the haters didn’t like Napoleon Dynamite. For one, it is not an action-packed blockbuster. And fer two, there ain’t no big name stars in it prancing around like they’re the cock of the walk. This movie makes its points via subtlety and dry humor — two of my favorite things in life. But probably most obvious to me is the fact that none of the haters ever had any ability to identify with the characters.

The nerds. Dweebs. Geeks. Losers. And total wusses. Those are the primary characters in Napoleon Dynamite and perhaps why I liked it so much. For freakin’ once I could watch a movie that didn’t have 62 year old Bruce Willis blowing shit up and acting like a bad-ass. And no Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker comedy kung fu combo garbage either. Nope. This actually felt like it was a real story with real characters. Perhaps that gleeful dose of reality is what prevented some from enjoying the film. I, on the other hand, felt like I was watching an Idaho-adapted version of my life.

It’s the truth. Most of my life, I have been a pretty tight analog of Napoleon himself. Nerdy, out of place, definitely not beefcake. Also, we both like to dance and have an affinity for long sighs to exhibit our disgust. Certainly our ability to woo women is on the same plane (imagine a very low-flying plane, if you will). So following along with the main character was like viewing a recreation of my high school years. In a word, painful.

It’s funny that the test pegged me as Kip, however. All throughout the film, I was admiring Kip for his computer hacking skills and his ability to sweet-talk the ladies. I just kept thinking “Man, I’ve gotta be more like Kip. He is gettin’ with all the fine women.” But to be completely honest, these days I’m feeling more and more like Uncle Rico (the washed-up loser still livin’ in ’82), but the test said Kip so who am I to question it?

Photo Landslide

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Val & Tyler’s wedding shots

Prince Street End Times party

Cletus and the roses
and of course, The Roses 2003

I’m hoping to get other new photographs online soon. At this point, I’m taking pictures at a much great rate than I am able to edit and place online. I think I need to hire an assistant for this task. Hmmm….

It's Dat Woo! Woooo!!

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Bubb Rubb Woo WooooWhen will the Whistlas hit the East Coast?? No one knows!
Exhaust whistle tips that can be heard for miles!
Now that is style.

The Whistle Tip interview that started it all.

The Official Bubb Rubb Soundboard!

Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis pics

“Yeah I got it on my car!” – Lil Sis

Business Card Life Lesson

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Gaping Void business card

The price of being a sheep is boredom.
The price of being a wolf is loneliness.
Choose one or the other with great care.

Thanks to business card designs by Gaping Void.

Worship The Spam Karma

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So I’m now a proud beta-tester of Spam Karma 2.0. The poor guy who wrote the plug-in is being subjected to hate mail and death threats from people who were “caught” in his spam-trap. To them I would say “Hey, there is friendly fire in every war. Quit your bitching and write a better comment spam filter.” For now, I’m thankful to Dr. Dave for his hard work and commitment to fighting web garbage.

Thanks to D Mann for bringing to my attention the Spam Karma website.

In case it hasn’t been made explicitly clear, comments have been turned back on (heh. until the next spam flood).

One Seriously Pissed-Off Pile Of Dirt

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Here is one amazing thing to look at from the weekend — a sand storm that blew up in Iraq. First seen on BBC News.

Sandstorm at Al Asad

The Death Of Comments

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Well, someone had to finally go and do it — prove they’re an asshole, that is. Some poor excuse for a human being hiding behind a bunch of fake email addresses (each including the name “john”) decided that my weblog didn’t have enough comment spam and proceeded to begin a digital assault on my web site. They were coming in at a rate of around 8 per hour and were from library terminals somewhere in Georgia, as well as some presumably hacked IPs up North. All this so he could advertise his stupid “online casino.” (That link is just Google Bombing as I was told to do.) Apparently, this new trend in stupidity is effecting just about everyone who puts content on the net.

So, first I had to scramble to find out how to brute-force disable comments for my site. Then I was told I had to read each and every detail for each and every fucking comment spam plug-in on the face of Earth in order to solve my problem. Sheesh! C’mon, guys!! Pick the two or three most valuable and throw ’em at the top. Let the nitpicking stand for those who have time enough to nitpick. I’m not even half-way thru reading the mountain of information required to keep spam from infesting your WordPress installation. (I doubt the majority of us are interested in all these esoteric features anyway.)

Since this was Sunday afternoon and I had a lot more important things to do, all commenting is currently disabled on this site. First these low-IQ assholes had to ruin email, now they’re trying to do the same thing with any other type of information/communication portal. This is why I strongly believe that the only proper punishment for email and comment spammers is to be dragged behind a pickup truck at 60 MPH for 15 or 20 miles. And it should all be on TV for other potential spammers to watch. If this were passed into law, I would be so elated that I might actually start going to church again.

UPDATE: I guess if you actually do want to post a comment, you could email it to me and I could put it up. If you can’t figure out how to email me, then I’m worried for both of us.