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Finally… Something Worth Reading

Posted: June 23rd, 2005 | Author: | Filed under: interwebby | No Comments »

Well, I haven’t passed along any links recently. Not my fault. There hasn’t been much worth passing along. People the world over are pissing themselves over the not-so-funny “Emo Farm” video (if you want a link, you can go find it elsewhere) and a bunch of other garbage that isn’t funny. And most of the “scholarly” stuff I’ve been told to read looks like a mish-mash of yesterday’s intellectualism and tomorrow’s prescription for failure — resulting in an unreadable mess. There have been blog entries by highly educated people that, upon successive re-reads, I still cannot understand WTF they are trying to say. So guess what? I stopped reading them.

Regardless, a tiny sliver of hope for humanity was revealed today when Jason sent along a link to The Ludwig von Mises Institute. The link he sent was a funny one. Or maybe it was meant to be ironic. Or just downright depressing considering the context of US Government in 2005. Anyway, it reminded me of a great organization that actually publishes works worth reading. I think the Mises Economics Blog is where I’ll be spending my valuable reading minutes for the foreseeable future.

Okay, one more link for good measure.  Let’s hope they can make a difference before their website is outlawed.