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Cape Trib — Lose Yourself

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Cape Tribulation

Flew into Cairns. Hired a car. Lunch in Port Douglas at On The Inlet (a very nice seafood place). A bit of a walkaround and Tiramisu ice cream before getting back on the road. A quick stop in Daintree Village. Then crossing the Daintree River on the ferry. Amazing country up here. Nice and remote! Staying in Cape Tribulation for a few days before heading back down to Mission Beach. I can’t see how anyone would ever want to leave this paradise.

Sorry no pictures yet as the computers and connections available are quite slow. I imagine it will take a while to process them all upon return. Some good ones in there, tho.

Sydney In A Flash

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Downtown Sydney

Okay, I don’t have much time to post since we’re about to catch another plane up the coast to North Queensland, but I figured I would mention a bit about Sydney. What a beautiful city!! There are grungy districts (like King’s Cross — where we have been staying) and very posh areas (Bondi Beach). The last three days have blown by and I’m lucky to have taken so many photos, otherwise I might not remember it all.

Now I see why Will comes here for a month each year. Lovely.

I hope to get another chance to post, but it may not happen as the intense week-long yoga retreat is coming up. Must… Maintain… Focus…

CORRECTION: We were staying in Potts Point, which is right next to (but not the same as) King’s Cross.

Ashtanga Day One

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I attended my first real yoga session today and, well, it was intense. I did fairly well and plan on making a go of it tomorrow. Gotta start somewhere. Wish me luck!

Off To See The Wizard

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You may see posts slow to a crawl for the next week or so, as I am headed out of town on vacation. Hope August is treating everyone well.

Please Hold Someone Accountable

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Ol Larry and the shotgun

You really should read this excellent article by Tom Engelhardt, Cindy, Don and George. That is, if you can stomach any more info about our catastrophically failing “war.” I have included relevant links from the article below.

Big Ass Truck

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International\'s CXT - One Big Ass Mothertrucker

International has released a new class of Sport Utility Vehicle
(or SUV) called the CXT, once again raising the bar in totally extreme and massive vehicles you can own and operate on our roadway system. I fully expect to see people driving these around Chapel Hill this Fall. Maybe there will be enough of them that we could shut down Franklin Street and host some mad burnout drag racing competitions between differently tricked-out CXTs. Dude, I can’t wait for Fall semester this year.

Images From The Left Coast

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Page is on Sabbatical in San Fran. Here is what he has seen.

Universal Party Guy

Party Guy

A Bunch of Melvins

A Bunch of Melvins

Under Saudi Skies

Under Saudi Skies

Thank God someone in this family owns a digital camera!

Dan River Tubing Adventure

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Dan River

Going to spend Saturday tubing down the Dan River with some awesome folks. I am expecting to see a few pit vipers and maybe a water moccasin or two. Perhaps I will be able to snap a quick photo on my cell phone camera. Probably not, however. I wonder if North Carolina has alligators?

UPDATE: Barring a few run-ins with Black Mamba River Vipers, the day-long visit to “Chicken Beer River” (which is what we came to call the Dan) was the best time I’ve had all summer. Far, far away from any internet connections or cell phones or RDU traffic. It was great — and left us all wondering why we don’t “do this every weekend?!?!” I definitely recommend you get up there if you can!

Thank Goodness! Vida's Back!

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Vida\'s Back

I went into CVS to get sunscreen and a greeting card, but while browsing I became entranced by Vida’s Back. Rather the magazine cover announcing BlackMen Presents The Official “Muy Caliente” Vida Guerra Swimsuit Issue! After thinking long and hard about spending eight dollars on a magazine, I ultimately reasoned that the archival value of the magazine content far outweighed any initial investment. Little did I know that Pimps ‘R’ Us had already scanned all the images and put them online. Somehow I still believe that the hard copy was a wise purchase. And I will make sure to bring it along on my next vacation for in-flight perusal.

Read The Sign, Fatty

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This one is for Ben and Giggling Amy who had to call me in the middle of the night to make sure I saw this webpage before I went to bed. Personally, I find the idea of discriminating against folks based on their relative fatness to be hideous. But it makes for one funny website.