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Alva All Better Now

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Alva Dog is well again!

Don’t worry everybody! Alva has fully recovered after a few allergic days. All is well in Dog Town.

Dude, You're Everywhere!!

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“Dude, You’re Everywhere!!” This is what Tom Meggs told me a few years ago and to a degree I realized it, but my understanding of the phenomenon dealt with the rather limited scope of the Raleigh-DurhamChapel Hill area. And even then it was pretty much limited to the Open Source and Triangle InterNetWorkers realms.

Now that I have been around long enough to break pretty much every accepted norm on the Internet, it seems that the spider’s web grows vastly more intricate and far-reaching. By far, the most popular things I’ve ever put on the Internet are the stunning Fiona Apple image I put on my weblog (which I stole from somewhere else) and the Puppy Dog Eyes photo of Alva as a beautiful baby dog. From my weblog stats, I can tell that these have been linked an infinite number of times on various fan weblogs, myspace profiles and chatty bulletin boards. What I find most interesting is when images other than these two are passed around.

Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen recently is to have my special moment from a few years ago (dubbed “redneck chic“) chronicled along with other powerful images of Southern heritage. It is a myspace profile called earnhardt4life and it makes me proud to be an American. Well, that and the fact that I made the exclusive Triangle Area Web Logs list. Woot! Take that boing boing!!

There are other stories, but its late and I’m tired. Peace out, little yos!

Miss Alva Puffy Face

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Poor Puffy Alva Dog!

Oh No! Say it ain’t so!! My beautiful baby dog (Miss Alva to you) got bit by something nasty last night. This morning I woke to see her covered in hives and with a face about double the fatness of normal. Thankfully our vet was able to see her right away and with a couple of quick shots she was treated. She is definitely looking better 15 hours later, but still not back to normal. I had to administer some more Prednisone about two hours ago, so hopefully by morning she will be back to her normal self. Oh, poor Alva Dog!

Alva got hiveys on her hiney!

Day Five: Complete Physical Fatigue

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Surviving the Deadly Reef Adventure

So, the week of practice started off with increased emotional bouyancy and energy levels and by Day Five it was like The Gap Band’s “You Dropped A Bomb On Me.” Holy cow. I had to be dragged to the 8 AM morning practice and I was yawning and shaking thru the whole thing. My body was completely fatigued and I was beginning to feel the massive effects of dehydration and drastic change in diet & exercise patterns. I wasn’t able to participate in more than 30% of the two hour morning practice.

Thankfully, the afternoon mysore class became a focused breathing and meditation workshop, so I didn’t have to perform the Ashtanga primary series twice in one day (like we seem to have been doing a lot). Instead, I just got a chance to focus on controlling my abdomen and chanting with my group. Quite an amazing experience and all the worries and troubles I had going into the room were resolved or dissolved upon my leaving the room. Lots of work, but lots of benefit. Still no complaints overall.

See you all next week!

Link to complete picture series for Australia 2005

Ashtanga Retreat: Day One

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Me and Gail at Mission Beach

What an energizing experience! The location here is too much for words. You will have to wait for the pictures (or view the site for the place we’re staying). And altho we had two long sessions today, I left feeling charged up and ridiculously happy. Overall, a way good decision to come on this retreat. More to say, but no time left to write. Must get to bed since we start at 8 AM.

Exotic Fruit Tasting

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Digby and the Exotic Fruit Spread

We were lucky enough to join an exotic fruit tasting tour here in Cape Trib yesterday. The guy who runs the tour also owns the farm and small house nearby. What an incredible setting and the work they’ve done with the place is inspiring. Rain water reclaimation, solar power, hundreds of varieties of fruits and veggies — all growing in an organic, chemical-free environment.

This two hour tour was probably my favorite thing so far. After enthusiastically thanking him for showing us his place and delicious fruits, the last thing he asked was to “Tell other folks about it.” Consider yourself told. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend Digby’s fruit farm and tasting tour. Upon return, I would like to spend a few days in their bed and breakfast and a few lazy hours walking the orchard with their beautiful rottweilers.