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Too Much Going On

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Rocktober has whisked by and all I’ve got to show for it is a box of junk. Okay, well — several boxes of junk. Seems that I’ve got a bit of the TMGO Syndrome (Too Much Going On) and it ain’t showin’ no signs that its gonna quit.

I’ve got busybody activities booking me up until mid-December and by then it will be the mad dash to prepare for another Christmas holiday. So, altho I’d love to sit around and type up funny stuff for y’all to read, it may be a bit longer before I have the time to spare. I don’t really feel that guilty, however. As I look around the blogosphere I see that a lot of sites are sitting untouched. I wonder if this will be like the neglected real estate market for our times. A bazillion blogs waiting to be updated by people busy with their lives; out there tryin’ to get that paper.

Well, play on players. May the moneyman visit you soon. If you see him, send me some.

We're Gonna Fight the Bird Flu in China, So We Don't Have to Fight 'Em Here

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US prepared to use (Ed: remaining? dwindling?) military might to battle Avian Bird Flu abroad.

Avian Bird Flu - The New Enemy

General Fitz-Christ announced that the winning strategy would be to send troops to where the birds are fighting now (namely China and other poorly sanitized third world nations) in order to “create an Avian Bird Flu Vacuum,” very similar to our successful insurgent containment strategy in Iraq.

Two-thirds of Senate members were initially unsure of the correct spelling ofavian influenza.” Thankfully a 20-year old IT intern was able to locate SpellCheck functionality in the Senator’s Word program. Democratic crisis averted.

Ummm.. Yes! A question from the man in the yellow hat!

Panic gripping Washington almost faintly reminiscent of Widespread Panic in New Orleans. Bechtel and Halliburton handed exclusive no-bid contracts to deal with panic outbreak in the nation’s capitol.

Jesus Christ. The Americans are sending their Army into another unsolvable quagmire again.says Canada.

New Bacteria Discovered By Australian Dudes

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H. pylori Dave Bacteria Strain

A new scapegoat was found this week for ulcers and other stomach ailments. H. pylori, discovered by two brave Australian dudes, may be more of a threat to our tummies than stress. Now these researchers are mad rich and famous. Good on ya, mates!

H. pylori Dave
image courtesy of elimenop