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Canguro Addresses Bandwidth Thieves

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Ana Beatriz Barros Fine Ass     Lindsay Lohan Says NO! To Drugs!     Canguro\'s Bitch Please

Canguro, one of the most influential and renowned bloggers in the LiveJournalSphere, has a simple message for “bandwidth thieves” (those whom contribute to accrual of unfortunate “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” messages). And I quote (emphasis added):



This comment was posted in the beatriz_barros “community” at LiveJournal, but our investigators have yet to determine whether the rebuke was leveled at the beatriz_barros community in particular or perhaps browsers who might frequent the forum.

We’ll have more news coverage of this shocking conflict as it arises.

I Want It That Way

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Chinese Back Street N\'Sync

You are… my fire. The one… desire.

Chinese Back Street N\'Sync Boys

Believe… When I say… “I want it that way!”

  These basketball players got it goin’ on!

Crap For Sale Page

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Today is the day that we go LIVE! with the First International All-kinds-of Crap For Sale Page. Thats right, shoppers. Now you can spend all your hard-earned cash on some vintage technology gifts for those awesome people on your list this holiday season. All gift price ranges will be accommodated!

Random stuff for sale

ORDER NOW! As supplies may be limited and/or they are going fast!

One More Low Punch

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Yet another hysterical anti-Bush site. Sell the Ranch. Its all about how everyone in the Bush Administration is, like, lying or something and how that is all, like, bad for the country. Whatever.

Thank the many gods for the Internet.

Sad State Of Affairs

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Impeach the LOSER!! George W. Bush is a LIAR!

Seriously, they got rid of Clinton for getting head from an intern and they won’t get rid of this guy? What a fucking joke. Wake up, America! You have an illiterate douchebag running your country!!

Geek Entertainment For The Day

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Kill Bill\'s Browser

Okay, so the Quentin Tarantino movies may have sucked ass, but that doesn’t mean you need to be viewing this site with a substandard web browser. That’s right! The InterNerds are assailing Billy Gates and his MicroSoftness again. AND THIS TIME THEY ARE MAD AS HELL AND AREN’T GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

You may have already noticed the prodding if you visited this site using IE. If not, then go ahead and try this page with a M$ browser. Go on! I dare you!

If you have already escaped the tyranny of IE and landed on the shores of a better browser (such as Safari or Firefox), then good for you. You have probably added 3 or 4 years to your life. If you haven’t already made the switch and you’re finally getting serious about your web browsing, then click below.

Explorer Destroyer

Next Week's Sermon

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The End Times Is Near!

If y’all can make it down to First Baptist next Sunday, you will be greeted with perhaps my most insightful fire and brimstone prophecy to date.

We’re havin’ problems down here, y’all. And the Lord – He A Comin’ to Rectify!