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I Wish I Could Call Bill Murray On The Phone

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Scene from Broken Flowers

I wish I could call Bill Murray on the phone. I wish I could meet Bill Murray at the local pub and share a few laughs and a few beers. I wish Bill Murray and I were tight like that.

Out of all the people I could dream up to meet and spend some time with, Bill Murray has got to be the one I would select out of that bunch. It is not just because he got to make out with the hottest woman on the planet last year. It is also not just because he has one of the best and most interesting careers in all of Hollywood. And it is not just because he happens to be in most of my favorite films.

No, instead it is simply because I believe he would be a really wonderful person to have for a friend. Mr. Murray seems like a really smart, down-to-Earth and genuinely funny person. He seems like the person I would want to go to for advice or to help me drown my sorrows. He also seems like the kind of guy who could really put things into perspective for you. And that is what I could use a lot more of these days — Bill Murray’s perspective.

After Ghostbuster’s, it looked like his career was taking a downturn while all the other actors of his era were hitting astronomical heights. Dan Akroyd and others chose the route of glitzy, crowd-pleasing Big Hollywood garbage while Bill seemed to be stalled on the on-ramp to greater success. Bill Murray took some time off from “the scene” to make one of my favorite films, the confusing and heart-breaking The Razor’s Edge. No one thought he could smoothly pivot from being the Guffaws Guy to doing “serious acting.”

This was definitely a big risk for his career and the film was not exactly a blockbuster. However, it was one of the first defining moments in the stellar rise of his star status in Glamour Town. He probably had no idea that it would work out so well, but now all those superstar contemporaries can barely get a cameo in the Summer Shlockfest and Bill Murray is now perhaps the most sought after actor of his vintage.

I would really appreciate having access to the wisdom of Bill Murray right now. I have more than a few things I’d like to run by him.

Redbud Festival in Saxapahaw, NC

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Redbud Festival in Saxapahaw, NC

This is a big weekend for Saxapahaw! They are hosting the annual Redbud Festival and there will be bluegrass music and other events from Thursday until Sunday. It should be one helluva hoedown.

Come on out if you want to bid on a farm tractor or if you want to hear some bluegrass!!

Those Hula-Hooping Liberals!

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Yay Hooray! I can bask in my (very temporary) moment of fame, for having one of my photographs make an appearance on an ultra-liberal website!!

Beckie The Hula-Hooping Liberal

My new friend Beckie showed up to the April InterNetWorkers event wearing a snazzy suit and an ITMFA American Flag lapel pin. No one had any idea what “ITMFA” stood for, but soon enough we all knew what it meant. (The words are too foul to be repeated on this pious and pristine weblog.)

The other copies available online have been cropped and offer slightly less perspective than this one. Also, I was able to tweak the color and sharpness to look more like the actual moment (instead of a poor digital copy of it). Click the above image for an 800 by 600 copy.

I fully expect to see you wearing one of these pins (or thongs) next time I see you.

It's About Culture

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signalfest dot com

In case you didn’t already know, a giant wave of electronic music is about to crash into Chapel Hill. Next weekend (April 7 & 8, 2006), Uzi, Ben, TJ and a bunch of other coolies will be hosting signalfestThe Southeast Electronic Music Festival.

Tickets are only $30 (not $25 as previously stated) for a two-day pass or you can buy tickets to each show/venue individually. However, since the biggest lightswitch rave event (which will be held at Penang) costs $20, you might as well get a weekend pass and see everything you can. I hope to see you there.

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