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Apple Chill 2006 photos

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Cocks of Carrboro

Bike Swarm

Please check out my photos from Apple Chill 2006. As you may remember from last year, Apple Chill is a Springtime street festival in Chapel Hill, NC. However, 3 people were shot this year (at 8 PM, two hours after the street festival ended) and it looks highly unlikely that the event will be occurring in the future. In fact, these could be the last photos of Apple Chill you ever see. Please people — Stop the killing.

PS – That crazy pink theme had to go… 

New Theme, New Tagline, New WordPress

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I just upgraded my WP install to WordPress 2.0.3 via the super-easy DreamHost One-Click Upgrade pane. The folks at DreamHost were also kind enough to wrap 25 really nice themes into the install. So, I decided to throw caution to the wind and change a bunch of things all at once.


June! Sunburn!! Birkenstock Shoes!!!

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June is here and so is the warm weather. Most people I’m bumping into are complaining that it is “too hot.” I don’t know what the hell is wrong with these people, but it is definitely not hot yet. Wait ’til August and then tell me about hot.

Regardless, it has been really beautiful around the Triad lately. In less than an hour of sunning (without SPF – duh) I was able to turn myself into a giant lobster today. It just felt too good to soak up some rays for a while to have to think about getting out of the sun’s harmful way. And sun tan lotion is frickin’ gross, okay? So basically I won’t be able to go in the sun for the rest of the week.

Let me share some advice if you are in the market for any shoes from Birkenstock — Order one European size larger than you normally would.

Red Brown Birkenstock Winslow men's shoe
For example, if you are normally wear Euro size 42 in a Birkenstock sandal, then you would want to order this pair of red brown Winslow walking shoes in Euro size 43. And when I say “Birkenstock shoes” I am not exclusively talking about their full shoe models. The issue seems to be more all-encompassing than that. In fact, this seems to effect all Birkenstock models with a fully closed toe.

Beige Oklahoma fur-lined clog

Say you wanted to get this beige Oklahoma fur-lined clog and you were naturally thinking “I’ll just order a Euro size 46 pair, like I always do.” Sorry, but you would find that the foot-bed is somehow magically shortened by closing the toe and that your feet would not fit comfortably. You will have to pay for shipping to send those bitches back and then order another pair. Trust me. This sort of injustice happens every day.

So what is the moral of this story, kids?   Don’t get sunburn and don’t order your Birki-shoes one size too small by mistake.