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Finally we get to see what the cabinets look like when installed!

New cabinets

Countertops to be installed next week…

In Other News

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I didn’t mean to be so grouchy in my previous post, but that is how I was feeling at the time. The Summer-Long Kitchen Project has really been frustrating, especially considering that I’ve been in renovation mode for almost ten months now. Hopefully the time of living with no kitchen is coming to an end (soon) and I can be done with home projects for a while.

August in North Carolina was hot. We had successive days of triple-digit temperatures and have been suffering a drought for quite a while. During the extreme heat, I noticed that the gas mileage on my Honda Element dipped to an all-time low of 16.7 MPG. Usually the vehicle gets between 22 and 24 MPG. I knew that a vehicle would get worse gas mileage under extreme conditions, but it was my eloquent engineer friend Nathan who said “hotter air is less dense by a linear factor, so you use higher throttle settings for the same output you’d have needed four months ago, but the stoichiometric ratio doesn’t change.” This combined with constant use of air conditioning would help drag us down to the sub-20 MPG club.

Also, the drought has been causing animals of all kinds to seek out other sources of food and water as their environs run dry. I have seen lots of deer on my property (usually, but not exclusively, at night) and found the dried skin shed by some snakes. Overall, I’d say that the brutal summer heat has been tough for everyone. Now into September, we are just starting to see relief. Ooohh, the mountains sound good right now! Time to plan a trip to Asheville. (Amy, I’m crashing on your couch! FYI.)

Until then, please join me in praying for rain!

The Silence Of The Cabinets

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The new kitchen cabinets arrived exactly a week ago. In that time, they have taken up a lot of space in my living room and done nothing for the storage/organizational potential of my kitchen. Although Lowe’s promised a ‘cradle-to-grave’ sort of project management, I have had to chase them around at each stage and make literally dozens of phone calls each week. No one ever calls you back and when you call them, you can expect to be on-hold for hours. Courtesy is not the hallmark of the construction industry and its associated building services.

Crowded Living Room

One cabinet was built incorrectly and somehow got past Quality Control. Another cabinet and a piece of toekick molding did not show up at all. I now have to wait another week for those to show up before they will even schedule my install. Want to re-do a home? Here is my advice. Save yourself a lot of trouble and worry — Never renovate anything! Just buy something functional that you can afford. Otherwise you may wind up with more problems than you’ve got time to solve.