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Cabin Fever Anyone?

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Here I am relaxing by the fireplace and watching the lovely snow fall.

Jack Torrance relaxing

When I was interviewing last September, they told me about the “mild” winters in North Idaho. When I arrived in November, it was only a matter of days before the snow began falling. Since December, there has not been a time when giant mounds of snow were covering every inch of ground. Two weeks ago, the university closed on both a Thursday and Friday because the amount of winter snow was so insane. Yes, the entire university closed for two full days. No, the university hadn’t closed for snow-related reasons since 1969.

Needless to say, it is cold as a mofo and those of us not made of cast iron are stuck indoors at all times. You know things are rough when I begin referring to days as “warm” when they are reaching the low 40s. There is constant mention that “The summers here are beautiful!” and I thought the Spring might bring some relief, as well. Now folks are telling me that it is cold right up ’til July 4th. Then they say “Although it is unusual to have snow fall on July 4th, it has happened.” WTF? I will be in an asylum by then. Pray for The Tuze!

Chocolate Cherry Bagel

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Why am I posting pictures of frightening looking turds on my weblog? Ha-HA! I am not!! That, my friends, is the world’s greatest culinary creation — the Chocolate Cherry Bagel !!!

In Moscow, we have this truly fantastic bread and pastry shop which goes by the moniker of Wheatberries Bake Shop. You will find me in this place at least five days a week. I would be there seven days a week, but they choose to make me suffer by being closed on Sunday and Monday. This means I usually have to stock up on Friday and Saturday.

One day around the holiday season, I see this funky, turdy looking thing in the back of their display case and I had to inquire. Once they told me it had both chocolate AND cherry in it, I was sold. I purchased the little turd and brought it to my office. Little did I know that this bagel would change my life.

The story goes that for the holidays they make chocolate cherry bread and there happened to be some batter left so the owner thought “What the hay?” and made some bagels. The chocolate cherry bread is only supposed to be a once-a-year thing anyway. Yet I have caused such a stir in their tiny little shop that they had no choice other than appeasing the “big crazy white man” and deciding to offer this manna from heaven at quasi-random intervals. This means that on the days I see them in the case, I have to buy all of them immediately to keep anyone else’s greedy hands off them. Mmmmmmmm….. Mine all mine, Choco Cherry Bagel. Arrggglllll….

I feel sorry for you if you can’t have a choco cherry bagel at least twice a week. I mean, what are you living for?