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Global Colding

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Global Colding

So I have pretty much decided that the scientists who came up with the whole “Global Warming” scam are actually full of shit.  I mean, all that data they came up with seemed pretty reasonable (automotive emissions, green house gases, ozone holes, etc), but there is one simple question that none of these Poindexters can seem to answer honestly — “Why does it stay colder LONGER each Spring?”

If the globe was actually warming then I would be warmer, right? No, in fact, I am colder. Thus, science is wrong. And this is why each February I want to move to the Equator.

One Comment on “Global Colding”

  1. 1 ksonney said at 4:19 pm on May 12th, 2009:

    Ah! But there is an explanation, one that no one has explained well publicly (hey, I do my homework, and had someone explain it to *ME* as well).

    See, the thing is, global warming effects are really shown in the extremes – so the cold is longer, the “spring” is shorter before it gets REALLY HOT in the summers, the fall is shorter, and the cold weather is just that – colder.

    Also, the polar ice caps will start, over time, to do the same sort of thing we see on other planets – radical shrinking, then radical growth as it re-freezes. There are already reports that the seasonal melts are getting more extreme. It’ll be interesting….

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