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NCSU FOSS Fair 2012

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Jack Neely of NCSU OIT group has put on a Free and Open Source Software fair each year for the past four years. This year I was fortunate enough to join them. It was a fun day and I was happy to meet other folks interested in Linux and such things, while catching up with some old TriLUG’gers that I don’t get to see very often. They even let me give a talk! 🙂

Click the image above, or on the Documents link up top, to get to the presentation materials. I also got to take some photos and put them on Flickr. See y’all next year!


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Well, it looks like 2008 is going to be as rife with change as 2007 was. I certainly hope the end of 2008 equates to relative stability and prosperity, but only time will tell. I can’t even comment on most of these changes because I honestly don’t know what most of them are going to be. All I know is that patience is a virtue and that one must remain calm in the midst of chaos.

Wonder Woman says \'Oh no you didn\'t!\'

More news as it happens. See you at Elmo’s!

GIAC Rising

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The certificate granting branch of the SANS Institute, GIAC, just reached two important milestones. The first one was attaining ISO certification, which I’m not sure about, but I think it means that if an airline pilot has a heart attack and they need someone to fill in, then they will let me safely land the plane. The second big deal was that there are now over 20,000 of us. Twenty-thousand elite hacker, plane flying super geniuses who are all out there protecting your data from that evil CATS character.

“What’s a GIAC?” you may be asking. I wasn’t sure so I had to go look it up myself. Just kidding! If I learned one thing from my GSEC class (and I did) it was what GIAC stands for.

GIAC (pronounced Gee-ACK) = Global Information Assurance Certification
GSEC (pronounced Gee-SEC) = GIAC Security Essentials Certification

I guess they would call that second one a recursive acronym. If you have any idea what ‘recursive’ means. Anyway, this is all good news for SANS (Steven Northcutt) and GIAC (Jeff Frisk). It is good news for me, too, because in 100 years, employers in the technology realm will know what GIAC stands for.

You see, there is this other “certification” (if you can call it that) named CISSP. I have no idea what that stands for either, but it has one more letter in it. This obviously means something really really good to hiring managers because everyone I’ve ever known who got a really awesome job has “CISSP” after their name. I’m sure a simple Google search could unearth this mystery, but honestly who has that kind of time?

Anyway, there are a lot of CISSPs out there. Droves. Like a bazillion or so. And they hog all the headlines when it comes to those slick technology magazines that you all want to be seen reading in the coffee shop. So GIAC wants to dethrone CISSP. Or at least give it a huge black eye. But the playing field is, like, way unfair and stuff. So think back to that incredible theatric release of 2006, 300. It is like that! Dramatic, huh? Except we (the GIACs) are like the Spartans. So now envision me (and a bunch of other pot-bellied dudes) waving GSEC certificates over our heads whilst screaming “THIS IS SPARTAAAA!!!!!” and charging a bazillion nerds wielding CISSP certs.

Whoa. That would rock. And much blood would be shed. But it is all for a good cause. We just want to protect your computers, like, man. And thus was the tale of GIAC Rising.

Memorial Dizzay

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Happy Memorial Day, y’all! I think you should celebrate by buying a new (used) car!!

Super Civic 1995 Honda Civic EX with JDM Integra GSR swap


Halloween Costume Ideas

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In case you are still thinking about what you will be for Halloween…

Venture Brothers

Here are some ideas for you!


Follow the link to see the rest of the set (including GWAR)!!

Apple Chill 2006 photos

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Cocks of Carrboro

Bike Swarm

Please check out my photos from Apple Chill 2006. As you may remember from last year, Apple Chill is a Springtime street festival in Chapel Hill, NC. However, 3 people were shot this year (at 8 PM, two hours after the street festival ended) and it looks highly unlikely that the event will be occurring in the future. In fact, these could be the last photos of Apple Chill you ever see. Please people — Stop the killing.

PS – That crazy pink theme had to go… 

Redbud Festival in Saxapahaw, NC

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Redbud Festival in Saxapahaw, NC

This is a big weekend for Saxapahaw! They are hosting the annual Redbud Festival and there will be bluegrass music and other events from Thursday until Sunday. It should be one helluva hoedown.

Come on out if you want to bid on a farm tractor or if you want to hear some bluegrass!!

It's About Culture

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signalfest dot com

In case you didn’t already know, a giant wave of electronic music is about to crash into Chapel Hill. Next weekend (April 7 & 8, 2006), Uzi, Ben, TJ and a bunch of other coolies will be hosting signalfestThe Southeast Electronic Music Festival.

Tickets are only $30 (not $25 as previously stated) for a two-day pass or you can buy tickets to each show/venue individually. However, since the biggest lightswitch rave event (which will be held at Penang) costs $20, you might as well get a weekend pass and see everything you can. I hope to see you there.

For some reason, my newly upgraded wordpress 2.0.2 is showing “No Comments” when indeed there are comments. I have searched the WP Codex and google, but have not found anything useful about this bug. If you know a fix, please let me know. Thanks!

Next Week's Sermon

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The End Times Is Near!

If y’all can make it down to First Baptist next Sunday, you will be greeted with perhaps my most insightful fire and brimstone prophecy to date.

We’re havin’ problems down here, y’all. And the Lord – He A Comin’ to Rectify!

New Bacteria Discovered By Australian Dudes

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H. pylori Dave Bacteria Strain

A new scapegoat was found this week for ulcers and other stomach ailments. H. pylori, discovered by two brave Australian dudes, may be more of a threat to our tummies than stress. Now these researchers are mad rich and famous. Good on ya, mates!

H. pylori Dave
image courtesy of elimenop