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Tell Us Something

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There has been no progress on this blog since April. Lame. Totally lame. My re-tooling session is taking longer than planned. Some things came up, like moving back across the USA to North Carolina, job hunting, starting a new job and all that. No big whoop.

I am thinking of moving the weblog to, but wonder what this might do to page traffic and search engine ranking. It would probably be disastrous, but I will likely do it anyway. Something’s got to give (according to the Beastie Boys). Let me know what you think about this idea, if you are so inclined.

Predictable Like The Weather

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Pretty much as soon as I made that last post about the winter snow, the rain came to wash it all away (to prove me wrong, I presume). Since then we have seen many signals of Spring, including sunshine, plant growth and people wearing t-shirts in 40 degree weather. It is almost like Miami around here!

There have been four or five other snowfalls, but they were so light that they only hang around for a day or so. It does make for some extra muddy dog walks, but I guess this is how this area gets its moisture for the season. During the rest of the year this is supposed to be one of the driest regions in the USA. Oh well, “Summer will be beautiful!”

Work has been keeping me busy and I’ve since launched a large-scale scanning project at home to digitally archive all my important memories from the past twenty years or so. My camera was away for repair for almost two months and I think that is the longest stretch I’ve lived without a camera for my entire life. It was rough to miss out on capturing some neat sights. As the days grow longer and warmer, I hope to get out to explore and photograph some of the beautiful places around Moscow.

Apparently, the UNC Tarheels are doing really well in some basketball tourney that is going on. I don’t even know what a tourney is, but since everyone knows I’m from North Carolina I can’t walk fifty feet without someone mentioning it to me. I’m always like “Oh yeah! Awesome! Tarheels ROCK!!” and this seems to be a satisfactory answer. On the flip side, this is way better than everyone talking to me about tobacco farming.

Happy Holidays!

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Goodness gracious, another year gone by! I hope everyone is keeping warm and getting ready for a few days off. I know I am! 🙂


My new neighbors brought over these delicious cupcakes and other goodies for Alva and me. The true message of the holiday bag was lost on me until days later when I realized what it said. “Ho! Ho! Ho!” indeed!! Merry Christmas, y’all!


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Happy Halloween to you and your ghouls!

On Vacation 'Til September 5th

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Oh my goodness. I didn’t think I was gonna make it, but as of 5:00 PM today I am on vacation. Whoopie!

I’m not actually going anywhere. Also, I doubt I’ll be doing anything “fun.” Instead, I decided to take off the time to study for my GIAC exams and get a bunch of stuff done around the house which has been ignored all Summer.

I just hope I don’t waste the time by sleeping 15 hours a day. Until then we can all ponder exactly how I am killing music…

DRM is killing music

Wishing you a safe and happy Labor Day holiday!

Last Call

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Well, May is ending and I’ve yet to post a thing. What can I say? I’ve been busy.

So what has been keeping me occupied? I took advantage of my expiring lease to move out to the country. I am taking a computer nerd class at UNC. My friends the Lampshades came to visit for a few days with their month-old baby. My neice graduated high school last weekend, which meant I had to leave my house at 7:00 AM on a Saturday to make it to North Raleigh by 9:00 AM. Wow, dude. I hadn’t been up at that time of the morning in years. It was truly a shock to the system. And then I slept the remainder of the Memorial Day holiday.

I so need to get a body double to sit in for me at work. If I did that then I would have an extra five hours a day to workout and study for my class. Damn, why do dopplegangers have to be so hard to find?

Chances are good that I won’t be posting a lot between now and August. Chances are also good that any posting done between now and then may be in hexadecimal.

Send me something funny. Thanks!

I'm Back! Aren't You Excited?

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Okay, I’ve been back in the States for a week and have yet to post anything. The guilt is killing me. We all know that Winter isn’t my season. Anyway, there has got to be something to write.

Something to tell…

Some distraction…


matusiak flickr photostream

Uhhhh…. flickr set? That’s all I’ve got. Sorry.

Off To See The Wizard

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You may see posts slow to a crawl for the next week or so, as I am headed out of town on vacation. Hope August is treating everyone well.

UNC Wins! (I Guess That's Good?)

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Just about every person in North Carolina spent all day in a hazy blue cloud of burgers and beers and anticipation for what I can only assume to be the Super Bowl of college basketball. All I know is, don’t park anywhere in Chapel Hill during the 36 hours surrounding the event. If it doesn’t get towed, it will probably get rolled. And smashed. And occasionally burned. Rule #1 of Carolina Basketball — Protect your ride.

On my bus ride home, I could see huge lines outside every bar with a TV in town. Must have been close to a thousand people all wearing some charming composition of Carolina Blue. This was at 5:10 PM. Anyway, I’m really glad that they got their victory, otherwise I’d be fearing for much more widespread and vicious property damage. Hopefully no one got hurt in the fracas. Rule #2 of Carolina Basketball — Don’t plan on dining out during the game or ensuing riot.

Tonite I ate dinner at The Loop with an old Auburn buddy. On our way out we saw Fred and Chelcy sitting down and Fred asked if we were going to watch the game. In responding, inadvertently I had to speak over the table of a family just seated. After I said “Nah. I think we’re gonna rent a movie or something.” I glanced down to notice the entire family staring up in doe-eyed disbelief, as if what I were saying could not possibly be thought or spoken aloud. Rule #3 of Carolina Basketball — Never admit in public that you won’t be watching the game.

Besides the unnecessary but prevalent bonfires, property damage, trash, broken glass, traffic, noise and potential bodily harm I really love living in a basketball town. It reminds me of college, living in a football town, and going thru the same thing every Fall. W00t! UNC Won! And I think its about time for all these kids to simmer down right meow.

Knocked Out the Box

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It seems like everyone is getting the flu this year. The outbreak so prevalent at work they took to calling it the “Library Crud.” Regardless, I just lost the past two weeks of my life to its enchanting spell and am still a week or so away from really being rid of this mess. The week or so of fever sweats, nausea and bad hallucinations over with, now I just have to deal with occasional temperature imbalance and coughing up enormous chunks of phlegm every five to ten minutes all day. I’m loath to stay in the office too long making such a racket, but alas the ship sails on.

Thanks to “the Crud” I missed out on my Dad’s 70th Birthday party, the March TriLUG meeting, a scheduled massage and a week of work. Damn. Each year around January 1, it seems as if we all get allotted 52 weeks for the year. This year I feel like I only got 51. Hopefully this is my last knock-down, drag-out illness for the year. And if you’re currently stuck with the Crud, I raise my liter of NyQuil in your general fuzzy direction.

I kept wanting to post things and update the blog, but honestly I was having difficulty reading things like the news and blogs. For the first few days it was no sleep, no food and constant sick. After that, it was more like suffering with body aches, endless fever and sweating and still pretty much no food. I hope I at least lost weight during the whole trauma. Then I had the recovery week of watching every DVD in the house and trying to make friends with food again. Let me tell you — I missed the hell out of some espresso now. It was agony to see the machine sitting unused in the kitchen every day. Those memories still too near to discuss.

Thanks to Page for bringing the Jello, Gatorade and Mean Girls by the house. (Best movie EVAR!) Without that Jello I might have truly lost it. Of course, Amy Poehler was awesome as the lonely housewife trying desperately to stay hip and in touch with her daughter’s generation. I almost spit strawberry Jello across the living room when she decided to dance “in the aisle” along with her daughter’s talent show routine. Classic.

Nothing else happened. For real. Which is what makes this post so damn generic. Everyone keeps asking me why I look so happy and my response is “Because I can eat food and leave the house again.” They seem to know what I’m talking about. Ahhhh… Winter. Where would we be without you? Happier and healthier, I suppose.