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Take the new survey titled “Social Networking Privacy and Security Survey 2012”

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If you are a user of any online social networking sites (such as Facebook), please accept this invitation to participate in a survey of your usage and privacy practices. Participation is strictly voluntary, but highly appreciated. The goal is to gauge the perceptions and activity related to user privacy across a wide swath of Internet users.

Take the new survey titled “Social Networking Privacy and Security Survey 2012“.

Please pass this link along! Thanks and I hope you choose to participate.

Global Colding

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Global Colding

So I have pretty much decided that the scientists who came up with the whole “Global Warming” scam are actually full of shit.¬† I mean, all that data they came up with seemed pretty reasonable (automotive emissions, green house gases, ozone holes, etc), but there is one simple question that none of these Poindexters can seem to answer honestly — “Why does it stay colder LONGER each Spring?”

If the globe was actually warming then I would be warmer, right? No, in fact, I am colder. Thus, science is wrong. And this is why each February I want to move to the Equator.

New Bacteria Discovered By Australian Dudes

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H. pylori Dave Bacteria Strain

A new scapegoat was found this week for ulcers and other stomach ailments. H. pylori, discovered by two brave Australian dudes, may be more of a threat to our tummies than stress. Now these researchers are mad rich and famous. Good on ya, mates!

H. pylori Dave
image courtesy of elimenop